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Shane Willis band

Jeff Fincham - Lead Guitarist

Jeff Fincham pic.jpg

Lead guitarist-Jeffrey Fincham has lived in NC for 30 years. When you hear him play you will immediately notice a heavy bluegrass influence. Though he had started playing banjo professionally with a band in Northeast Ohio at 18, guitar was always his first love. Influenced by Tony Rice, Brent Mason and Jimmy Olander among others, He brings the country feel to the group. Traveling with bands and performing in too many towns to mention has helped make him the seasoned player you will hear when you catch the band live.

Kendall Davis - Drummer


Kendall Davis, aka "Big Papa" is from Lincolnton, NC. Kendall's passion for the drums began when he was 8 years old. At an early age Kendall loved rock music. Musicians such as Lars Ulrich, Neil Pert, and Tommy Lee influenced his aggressive style. His dad tells everybody “Kendall beat the footboard of his bed to pieces until he got his first set of drums”. Kendall was a percussionist at West Lincoln Middle and High School. In high school Kendall was captain of the marching band drum line, writing many of the cadences for performances. When Kendall was 15 years old, he landed his first gig at charlotte night club, his dad had to sneak him in the back door. Also, at the age of 15 Kendall sat behind the drums in the first band of his music career, First Offense. First Offense was a stellar rock band of the early 90’s. Gaining notoriety, the band performed at venues throughout NC along with top chart bands including FireHouse. After First Offense, Kendall continued to grow his music career, playing with popular bands such as The TinMine Band, SmackDaddy, and Papa Mojo.


Rick Tackett - Bass Guitar


Bass guitar-Rick Tackett, from Cherryville NC, better known to his band mates as Dr. funk is the complete package. As a child Rick was always around music, His father was an accomplished musician and very much an important influence in his development. As a teen Rick found success in a metal band as a lead guitarist. When that ended his late father gave him advice that would set a career in place, son “learn to play bass and you will always have work “. Taking that advise Rick has developed every aspect of his instrument, from blues and funk to classic country. While branching off at times to own and manage his own production company suppling live sound for many top bands, Rick is absolutely a pleasure to be around and a welcomed addition to the band.

Duane Adams - Keyboards

Duane pic.jpg

Duane has been playing keyboards since he was a very young age. Duane comes from a family full of talented musicians. His father has played with many talented musicians such as Eddie Cochran, and many more. Duane has played on many big stages such as Coyote Joes in Charlotte NC, and many more. Duane is not only a great keyboard player but also a  great singer which adds great  flavor to the sound. With Duane's many styles and expertise on his instrument he is a great asset to the band.

Bryan Ashe.jpg

Bryan Ashe - Sound Engineer

Bryan has been in the industry for many years running sound for many well known groups across the country. Bryan has worked professionally with his own sound equipment and light gear. Bryan made the decision to join and support Shane Willis Music earlier this year. Bryan will be a great asset to the band and their sound.

Andrew Ashe.jpg

Andrew Ashe - Special Effects/Lighting

Andrew has been working with his dad Bryan for many years learning the ropes of sound engineering and lights. He has been helping since he was 15 years old learning how to make the show spectacular. Andrew is a very talented asset to the project. Not only does he have the experience with special effects but he also has the capability of running a great mix out front. 

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